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Art Bin

Can I tell you have much I love this old tool box tray? Boy, have I enjoyed this since I brought it home! First it just sat around and annoyed Mr. Modern June for a few weeks (that’s always fun). He just shook his head, muttered something and put it down in my studio in hopes that it would disappear. After a really good cleaning I filled it with buttons and trim, and during the holidays I filled it will blue and green baubles!


I found this fun old tool tray at a great local antiques mall called RVA Antiques, and I have to say it’s one of the best finds of 2014! The ladies at the check out counter said it only lasted a day in the shop. Lucky for me, I was the winner of this treasure.

The vintage drawing board was my father-in-law’s and is destined from my daughter’s room someday, but for now I get to enjoy it in my bedroom. The light is great on sunny day’s, (hmm…) I really need to spend more mornings in there drawing.


Once I decided to use the tray as an art bin I had to find the right thing to hold all my colored pencils. I fussed and fretted for a week. First, I wanted to have a row of milk glass goblets, but that would be too expensive to buy locally and I didn’t want to wait for something to be shipped. For awhile I used a bunch of random jars, but that looked too messy. Then I noticed that my local AC Moore had quilted Ball jars on sale and five bucks later I was in business.

What I love about this tray is that I can keep all my art bits close at hand. When I draw I use rulers and French curves, so it’s nice not to have to go in search for these every time I get to drawing. I also like that my golden tape doggie can come along too! Washi tape is great for taping inspiration to the walls wherever I work as it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Now with everything in on place, I can grab my tool tray and draw anywhere in my house. It’s perfect!!


Color-coded awesomeness in a tray!


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