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Five Minute Floral Gift

What do you give the lady that has everything? What do you give the lady that gave you the best man you’ve ever known? Yikes, that scary isn’t it? My mother-in-law, Jackie, is a hard lady to shop for, she has great taste and is a collector that no longer collects. So when her birthday comes around, it’s hard to come up with something better than a Micheal’s gift card.

On Saturday, Mr. Modern June and I went to one of my favorite shops in Richmond, Strawberry Fields, to look for the perfect gift. Located in the heart of Richmond’s historic Fan District you’ll find this shop filled with lot’s of pretty flowers and finds! I figured I’d end up with a small bouquet of flowers, but I really wanted something more original. Thankfully Deanna (my friend, floral guru and shop keeper), has a shop filled with inspiration.


Here’s what I left Deanne’s shop with, four bits of floral fun so I could go home and make something special for my MIL! One chubby (faux) moss bird, two air plants and a bit of sheet moss. You can order all of this for yourself by contacting the fine folks at Strawberry Fields!


I choose a milk glass planter from my own collection, that was just the right size, and I filled it with moss.


Then I topped the moss with my super cute moss birdie!


Next, I tucked in the green air plant behind the bird and on top of the moss.


And last, I place the pink flowered air plant into place. I fiddled with the direction on the leaves until it was just right.


Five little bits and five minutes to fabulous!

For more inspiration follow Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds and myself, The Modern June, on Instagram!


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