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Color Crush: Modern June Blue

You might have noticed over the years that I love color, and the bolder the better. I crush on deep saturated colors, to me they are the best! I know this is not very trendy right now, not when most decor blogs feature homes bathed in white. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too, my bathroom is all white with the exception of the fabrics. There I choose bright colors that pop off the white and makes me very happy. Let’s face it, I never met a color that I didn’t like — unless you consider beige a real color!

My kitchen is cherry red, my dining room is a sunny yellow and my stairway is lime green! All those colors are great, but my living room gets the most love and attention on Instagram. I have been asked many times for the name of the paint color, but the answer is complicated. After trying out several pints of blue paint colors with names like Tiffany and Robin’s Egg I was dissatisfied, so I made my own paint color. I combined the various blue paints together and mixed it with a little white paint to get what I call Modern June Blue! It was a series of trial and error, but eventually I arrived at the perfect blue!

To get this color for your home, you can ask the person at your favorite paint desk for a manual dispense. Simply supply them with the following paint code, making sure to let them know that the code is formulated for a gallon of paint.

101-2.52, 1020-24, 103-1Y39.52

Happy painting!



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