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Ask the Oilcloth Addict: Make Up Bags

I get great questions about sewing with oilcloth and laminated cotton every day. Here is today’s great question… Hollis from Daisy Mae Threads asked about using oilcloth and/or laminated cotton from lining make up bags.

I love using oilcloth and laminated cotton when I sew up make up bags, both fabrics are great to use for both the exterior and the lining. As with all things in life and sewing, there are pros and cons to consider. Laminated cotton is softer and turns better when making small projects that are lined. Unfortunately, is not fully waterproof and it is more prone to staining than oilcloth.

Oilcloth is stiff and nearly impossible to turn when self-lined, but there are tricks to be had. I have a make up bag in my first book Sewing with Oilcloth that doesn’t have any tricky turning. I like oilcloth for make up bags because the fabric has a firm hand (both a pro and a con), this makes it able to stand up on the counter so you can find what you need. The best thing about using OC is that it’s soooo easy to clean!! You just have to wipe it out with a damp cloth and move on.

Want to know more about these fabrics? Here is a blog post about the two types of fabric.



  1. Hi Kelly!

    Very happy to have tumbled upon your blog! I don’t know a lot of people who knows about oil cloth around here. 😛
    I’m a huge fan of Cath Kidston and I’ve noticed they have oilcloth products that have a Matte texture rather than glossy. Are they also called oilcloths? Or something else?



    • Yes, it’s most certainly still oilcloth! Oilcloth comes in several different textures, weights and finishes. It’s often a varies by regions. Best, Kelly


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