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Sewing with Oilcloth and Lamianted Cotton Tip: Presser Feet

When I started sewing with slick fabrics back in 2006 I found that my aprons and totes would stick under presser foot when I was sewing on the right side of the fabric. We know that we never ever want to pull our projects through the machine, doing so takes a toll on our dear sewing machines. So, in order to save my sewing machine some wear and tear I started using these special presser feet. The make top stitching oilcloth and laminated cotton a breeze! The right foot can also help you sew a prettier and straighter stitch. Who doesn’t want that?

My favorite presser foot is what I call the “Super H” foot (Bernina foot #20) that’s actually called an Open Embroidery foot. The great news is that it commonly included with the purchase of sewing machines, so you probably already have it. I like using this when I am attaching trim or edge stitching; it enables me to see exactly where I’m sewing.

The “Super H” foot gets even better when it’s coated in Teflon (Bernina foot #56). This gives you the ability see your stitch line and avoid the sticky friction. It’s really the best of both worlds and I use it for 80% of my sewing.

The roller foot (Bernina #51) is a really sturdy foot. Since it’s nice and wide I can use this foot when I’m sewing through multiple layers of oilcloth, because it helps to control the fabric and keeps it in place. I really like to use this when I am top stitching along the top of my Farmers Market Tote; a pattern from my book Sewing with Oilcloth. The rollers on the bottom of the foot glide over the sticky surface of oilcloth and laminated cotton with ease

If your just getting started and you don’t have a special Teflon or roller foot don’t fret, you can use my little tape trick to cover up your favorite foot. If look closely you will see that my silver “Super H” foot is blue around the edges, this is because I have tricked it out with painters tape on the bottom. I’ve used painters, washi and masking tape over the years and I think the painters tape works best. Now, the tape won’t last too long, but it’s cheap and easy enough to re-coat the foot until you buy a fancier foot.

This tip and many others can be found in both of my books, Sewing with Oilcloth and At Home with Modern June. Come back soon for more for more great tip and tutorial from me, the Oilcloth Addict!

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