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A New Beginning!

I’ve spent the last week fussing about with content categories and calendars, while learning how to use WordPress to make a brand new blog. I had hoped to have a weeks worth of blog posts lined up by this morning (insert hysterical laughter). But as usual, life got in the way. During the last 9 days we’ve had 3 wonderful holidays. I’ve watched my eldest turn 17, celebrated a peaceful Christmas and I’ve gone bowling with family for New Years Eve! So, here I sit at my dining room table welcoming you to my new blog on the morning of New Years Day!

My vision for this blog is to combine my two blogs into one lifestyle blog. In January 2007 I started my first blog, Modern June and the following year I started up another blog titled Oilcloth Addict. For years, I felt like it wise to keep the two blogs and their corresponding Etsy shops separate, but those concerns have long passed. The days of running two shop and writing two blogs is gone and now it’s time to have some fun!

This year my company, Modern June, turns 9 and I feel the need for a fresh blog to go with my new website that I opened up last summer! It’s time to bring all the things that I love into one new space.

Here I will teach you to sew with the specialty fabrics that I love so much; oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth. I’ll give you peeks into my two sewing books, Sewing with Oilcloth and At Home with Modern June. I’ll share my love of my eclectically retro decor and my budding surface-design skills. Together we’ll have fun junkin’, crafting and DIY-ing. And, what’s a good lifestyle blog without a party every so often?

I promise that I’m not done pimping out my new, I know it’s very basic right now! Please join me as I grow this baby blog into my big-girl blog of love by subscribing. Use the box in the side bar to get updates sent right into your inbox!



    • Thanks so much! I’m had great time figuring out the content, I ‘m very excited to get to it. Sadly now it’s the hard part, figuring out how to use WordPress!! Learning curves aren’t fun!


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